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Teresa Majer

REVERSE to the rescue!

Tonight, I thought I’d tell you about my experience when I began my Rodan + Fields journey. My good friend Kim introduced me to the products. When she said 60-day money back guarantee, I was sold. So I started on REVERSE to help fade my sun spots (aka freckles) and melasma. I was happy as a clam when I received my first regimen. I read the directions carefully, but decided, of course, that I would go a little faster than suggested. You see, R+F suggest that you start the REVERSE line slowly due to the retinols. We call it the “boot camp” phase. You should start every other day, once a day for the first few days. Then go to every day once a day for another couple days. Then you can step up to twice a day. I was too excited to wait, so I started with every day once a day. But after about 5-6 days I realized I was a touch too sensitive and should have followed the recommended dosage (duh!). So I backed off. I was just a little bit dry and flaky, but nothing too bad. I used a little microdermabrasion paste, and within 2 days I was fine.

The reason this happens is that retinols cause the skin to turn over new skin cells and shed off the old dead ones.  Exfoliation is a great thing, get to know it 😉

So after about 3 weeks, I was up to twice a day and HOLY SMOKES, my face felt like a BABY’S BUTT!! Seriously. Little did I know that was just the beginning. Wait till I got my hands on the Macro-Exfoliator

Moral of the story, read the directions! And even if you have a little bit of a reaction the first few weeks, that can be normal, the “boot camp” phase. Sometimes your skin needs to detox out all the bad stuff before it can accept the good stuff.

So the results? After 7 months on the REVERSE regimen, I have had only about 3 pimples and they have been fairy minor compared to the doosies I used to get. I believe the retinol in the lotion can be attributed for that. My skin is so even and balanced and SMOOTH. I don’t feel like I need to wear makeup, maybe just a little bit of powder.   And I know I don’t look as blotchy. I am so much more comfortable with my skin now!

And that, my friends, is why I decided to sell these fabulous products.  The proof was in the pudding.  I had never tried a product line this good before.  And as a glorified spa slut, I felt like I had tried a few.

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  • Brianne

    Love this post! Such great advice about sticking it out for a few weeks, because the results are just awesome. Then add in the Reverse Skin Lightening Accelerator and there’s no turning back! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ann Riege

    Yes, you do look fabulous darling! Thanks for sharing!

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