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Teresa Majer

My Macro-E and ME


Welcome to my first blog post!!  I chose to write about my Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Macro Exfoliator as my first subject because I totally LOVE this tool!  I use it once a week to remove 5 million dead skin cells in 5 minutes.  And the best part, is seeing all 5 million of those dead skin cells on the filter pad after I’m done!!!  I know, I’m a little weird 🙂   Here they are:



I start by using a very mild face wash, like my SOOTHE step 1.  Then I let my face dry and crank up the Macro-E.  If you have ever had an expensive Microdermabrasion treatment at a dermatologist office or a spa, this is exactly the same thing.  It has a diamond tip to help remove the dead skin.  The Macro-E has 2 modes, either Doc-Smart or manual.  I use the Doc-Smart mode which varies the strength of the suction depending on the area of the face you are working on.  After I’m done, I use the Rodan + Fields Cooling Gels to calm the redness.  After letting that dry, I mix the SOOTHE step 2 and step 3 on my finger tips and apply all over my face, neck and chest.  It feels so…  soothing 🙂

The next morning when I wake up, my skin is sooooo smooth, but more importantly, it’s so even toned.  I don’t feel like I have that splotchy look in the morning.

There is even an App for that!  You can download the Macro-E companion app from the app store to track your progress and remind you of your weekly date with your Macro-E!  Here are the instructions for more details.

But why do we need to exfoliate so much?  Why is this so important?  Exfoliation definitely seems to be a new buzz word.  Well, as we age our skin looses the ability to exfoliate naturally.  When you are young, your body sheds skin cells every 30 days.  But the older you get, that slows down to every 50 days.  Dead skin cells cause you to look dull and grey-ish.  They will clog pores and cause black heads.  Plus, they prevent products like moisturizers from actually being absorbed into the skin where it’s needed.  So most of your products are actually just treating the top layer of skin, the dead layer!!

By using the Macro-E every week, plus the Microdermabrasion paste 2-3x a week, I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin.

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